Why is AntiVirus Protection Important?

Malicious software, often called malware, and computer viruses can wreak havoc on your computer and your network.  Eliminating these infections can sometimes be more difficult than just “deleting a couple of programs”.

Malware & Viruses Can:

  • Disrupt operations, even causing your other software to freeze up and become non-responsive
  • Gather personal information and passwords without your knowledge or consent
  • Install other programs or files without your knowledge, increasing your risk
  • Change registry keys, which can affect internet browsing, email flow, and other applications

So How is Our AntiVirus Protection Different?

  • With Connect Protect, we can prevent a majority of those threats from ever making it onto your network.
  • We eliminate the frustration of maintaining and managing your AntiVirus protection by letting us do it for you!
  • We will install our AntiVirus software and provide continuing support.
  • No worrying about expired licenses and upgrades, we manage those details as well, so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us.