LivCom’s YourCloud Backup Solution

Computer disasters always seem to strike at the worst times – college finals, tax season, or the day before you back up your family vacation photos. Whether the disaster is caused by a hardware failure or by a hacker, your personal and small business data is too valuable an asset to leave to chance. If you keep thinking, “I’ll back it up someday,” someday might be too late.

With ransomware attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, backing up your data to an offsite location is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Social engineering, viruses, malware, and worms are all waiting for the opportunity to exploit the smallest vulnerability. While these threats are difficult to stop entirely, there is something you can do to ensure that your data is recoverable. With the right backup strategy your data can be stored safely and securely in the cloud and then restored if the need arises.

But data backups are a hassle, right? Who has the time, or even remembers to do them? You’re too busy taking care of life and customers to set aside time to copy and paste. What you need is a user-friendly application that lets you automate your data protection. LivCom’s YourCloud backup solution does just that and because we are committed to providing our customers easy to use, secure solutions, LivCom is making 25 Gigs of free storage available to customers who sign-up or upgrade their internet speed to 25 Megs or higher (additional storage may be purchased for $5 per month per 25 Gig block).

Use YourCloud as a one-click backup solution for all your important files, or set it on a schedule to securely and automatically backup at regular intervals. And you can rest assured, your data is kept safe and private through the entire process. Every transmission between your computer and Cloud Backup is encrypted. The application will store multiple versions of each of your files so you can restore the last version you saved (defeating ransomware attacks).

What is encryption?

YourCloud uses AES 256-bit encryption over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. What that means is the data is encrypted, or encoded, so that nobody, except you and the YourCloud application, can understand it. Anyone attempting to intercept the data is unable to read it.

Can someone like me do this?

Yes! The application is easy to install and user-friendly. Our Customer Solution Specialists are trained and ready to help you get your data backed up to YourCloud. They will also be there to help if you have questions or need assistance with adding additional storage space, changing the frequency of backups, or restoring files. We’re here to help you set up effortless, automated file backups and to show you how YourCloud makes it easier than ever to restore your data if a computer disaster strikes.

Get YourCloud Now!

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