Disaster Recovery as a Service

Your business relies on data, and recovery is a business necessity. LivCom is proud to bring you a simple, affordable and secure disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution. It’s flexible, competitively priced and easy to implement. With our high-speed broadband connection and DRaaS, you can rest assured knowing that your business sites and applications will be up and running in minutes when you face power outages, hardware failure, human error, viruses, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. Think of it as IT recovery – we’ll keep you operational so you can focus on more important efforts, like keeping your customers happy and making money.



An easy-to-install appliance with a single on-demand backup and disaster recovery platform allows you to restore your systems, applications and business files in 15 minutes or less.



Intelligent software combined with the cloud delivers up to 90% savings over more traditional and complicated solutions.



Rest easy knowing that your data is protected with military grade security, with encryption at the source, in transit and at rest. And you can opt to hold the encryption key.

Key DRaaS Features


Customize failover to meet your needs:

• Agent software

• On-premise appliance

• Virtual appliance

• Physical and virtual servers

• Workstations

• Laptops

• Mobile devices

• Our Cloud – Replicate to one of 12 geographically-dispersed data centers

• Private Cloud – Deploy to your private cloud

• Third-party Cloud – Deploy to the cloud-provider of your choice

• Running machines

• Applications

• Disks, folders, files and versions


Minimize downtime with push-button failover so you can boot systems and services in the cloud from a local appliance.

• Supported OS include: Windows, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V


VMs, applications, servers and networks back to your primary environment


• Data is encrypted with user’s key (optional)

• Data is sent through tunnel with AES-256 encryption

• Data remains encrypted at rest within the data center

Peace of Mind is Within Your Reach

We’re reducing disaster recovery costs with cloud spillover. Disaster recovery has historically been out of reach for small and medium sized businesses in Texas due to expensive hardware, complicated processes and redundant backup. Cloud spillover means you skip the expensive hardware, and just buy another cloud when you need more space.

Disaster Recovery Your Way

Don’t let compatibility issues and vendor restrictions prevent you from customizing failover to meet your business needs. With our solution, you can deploy disaster recovery to meet your current physical, virtual (VMware and Hyper-V) and cloud environment needs.

We Include Everything

• Cloud Failover Appliance & Services
• Installation, configuration & training
• 24×7 Support
• DR for Windows & Linux physical servers
• VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines
• Endpoint Protection CloudBoot (boot VMs on the appliance)
• Cloud storage with unlimited spillover Unlimited DR testing and DR events in our high-performance cloud

Let Our Team Help Your Team

Need help determining your requirements? Interested in a price quote? Send us your question(s) and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

We Look Forward To Talking With You!

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