LivCom Student Connect

Access to technology at home is critical to the quality of a student’s education, yet many students in America lack internet access. Our Student Connect Program enables cities, school districts, and community-based organizations to connect low-income students to the internet to support remote learning.

Key Features

  • 10Mbps internet only $49.99 per month (savings of $44.96 per month!).

  • Non-qualifiers can still receive a discount of $15.00 on any internet package.

  • Available to ANY student k-12 or teacher.

  • Does not require a phone line.

  • No credit checks and no installation fees.

How it Works

Our program works through an agreement between a sponsoring organization and LivCom to pay for or sponsor service for eligible low-income families.

This type of agreement typically occurs when a partnering organization (i.; a state or school district) determines which families lack the internet and then works with us to determine eligibility and pay for service.

Once an agreement is in place, we generate activation codes, which the sponsor can then distribute to eligible families. We use these codes to bill the sponsor directly for the customer’s service.