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Custom Call Features

Anonymous Call Rejection: Works with Caller ID to prevent calls from callers who block delivery of their name, number or both.

ON: *77

OFF: *87

Selective Call Blocking: Blocks delivery of calls from up to six numbers. Dial *60 and follow voice prompts to use service. ON: *60

Call Forwarding: Allows you to forward your calls to any other number (after pressing 72#, dial your “forward-to” number). ON: 72#

OFF: 73#

Call Return: Determines the last number that called you and dials the number when you press 1*69

Priority Ringing: Gives up to size numbers a distinctive ring so you recognize “special calls.” Dial *61 and follow voice prompts to use service. ON: *61

Call Tracing: Traces the number of the call you received last.  *57

Call Waiting “Click It”: Places your existing call on hold and answers a waiting call.

Cancel Call Waiting: Turns off Call Waiting for the duration of a call. *70

Per-Call Blocking: Blocks delivery of your number to the phone number you are calling. *67

Per-Line Blocking: Turn off this privacy feature on a per-call basis to allow delivery of your phone number. *82

Selective Call Forwarding: Allows you to forward your most important calls to another number. Dial *63 and follow voice prompts to use service. ON: *63

Repeat Dialing: Automatically redials a busy number for up to 30  minutes. *66

Speed Calling 8: Allows you to establish a list of 8 frequently called numbers that may be dialed with one digit (2-9).

Three-Way Calling “Click It”: Allows you to set up a three-way conversation that includes your phone and two other numbers. 74#