LivCom Television Offerings Just Got Bigger and Better

May 12, 2017 – Livingston, Texas-based communications solutions provider, LivCom, announced that it has selected Skitter TV’s advanced digital video services platform to deliver next generation TV services to its customers in the Livingston area.

The Skitter TV platform gives subscribers access to reliable next generation television services with advanced features and expanded programing. With a crystal-clear picture and a robust channel lineup, which includes over 150 channels, viewers will have the ultimate television experience.

Skitter TV also offers advanced viewing features including:

  • Free HD: Over 45 HD Channels at No Additional Charge
  • 50 Digital Music Channels
  • Premium Movie Channels Including HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Starz Encore
  • Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward Live TV
  • Remote Storage DVR
  • Restart TV
  • Watch TV Everywhere

“By converting our subscribers to the Skitter TV offering, not only will viewers have access to a better channel lineup but will also enjoy so many advanced features,” said Jeff Wolf, LivCom General Manager. “With Skitter TV’s patented technology we are able to cut down on the bandwidth required for television service, which will make for a fantastic viewing experience and free up bandwidth for the internet pipe. We are delighted to bring this premier product to the Livingston community.”

Skitter TV is an Atlanta, Georgia-based provider of converged media services over broadband and IP networks.  Skitter TV provides closed-path cable television services to subscribers in multiple states through a network of cable systems primarily situated at independent telephone companies, mainly in rural areas. The Skitter TV network continues to grow as new systems are added, making Skitter TV available as a welcome competitive TV viewing alternative for more and more viewers across the country.

Customers who currently subscribe to LivCom cable television will be transitioned to the new Skitter TV platform starting in July 2017.

To find out more about the availability of Skitter TV through LivCom, contact [email protected], or call them at 936-327-4309.
About LivCom

LivCom provides high-speed Internet, video, voice and home security services in and around Livingston, TX. In addition, LivCom is a premier provider of a suite of business communications solutions that improve productivity and responsiveness, delivering   the latest in communications, technology and entertainment. LivCom is a USConnect company. USConnect was formed in 2013 as a platform to promote and facilitate collective efforts to realize growth and efficiencies through acquisitions, develop collaborative initiatives to leverage the collective size and industry expertise of USConnect and its owners, and advocate for the future success and viability of rural and community-based communications providers. USConnect owns and operates seven RLEC properties, including LivCom, and their affiliated operations, which collectively serve approximately 19,000 voice, data and video connections over a combined service area spanning 4,400 square miles.